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John Allanson

Chief Operating Officer

A Bioanalyst with 39 years of experience working in both Pharma and CROs. John co-founded BioApp Solutions in 2015, a company offering bioanalytical methods development, analytical, consultancy and training services.

John started his bioanalytical career at Hazleton laboratories in 1982 and spent 10 years applying chromatographic methods to biological sample analysis. In 1992 he joined the DMPK group at The Wellcome Foundation in Beckenham, Kent where he provided bioanalytical support to many successful drug development programmes and also obtained an MSc in Biopharmacy (King’s College London).

John was the lead bioanalyst for migraine drug Zolmitriptan, several inhaled steroids and anti-malarial drugs. During this time John also published the first automated 96 well based SPE methodology and was responsible for several method transfers and outsourced methodologies.

After leading a team of bioanalysts within the World-Wide Bioanalysis group John left GSK in 2002 to join YBS. As Head of Development Bioanalysis John lead a multidisciplinary team of bioanalysts including both LBA and LC-MS scientists, specialising in high sensitivity LC-MS/MS analysis of therapeutic peptides, drugs and biomarkers. John was programme manager for several multinational pharma clients.

John created and developed the YBS bioanalysis training programmes and is also a tutor for the DMDG methods for bioanalysis and drug metabolism course. At YBS John was also responsible for the regulatory strategy with respect to bioanalysis and provided TK expertise.

Mohammed Abrar

Chief Scientific Officer

Abrar is an analytical chemist with 33 years of analytical experience and has worked in the field of Mass Spectrometry since 1990. Abrar co-founded BioApp Solutions in 2015, a company offering bioanalytical methods development, analytical, consultancy and training services.

Abrar started his career as a pesticide residue chemist at Hazleton Laboratories in 1988. Abrar then became a Technical Specialist within the Central Mass Spectrometry Department where he supported pesticide residue, bioanalysis, metabolite ID and protein chemistry studies. During this time Abrar worked with Sciex, Waters and Thermo instruments.

In 2004 Abrar joined the Bioanalysis group at Covance as a Method Development Specialist where he went on to be an early adopter of UHPLC in implementing use of the Acquity systems. Abrar also drove the implementation and application of the Sciex API5500 Q-Trap instrument, the Symbiosis Pro systems and the laboratory automation strategy within the Bioanalysis group.

Abrar also created LC/MS method development strategies including peptide/protein analysis and analysis of oligonucleotides at Covance. Abrar is a tutor for the DMDG methods for bioanalysis and drug metabolism course. In 2010 Abrar joined York Bioanalytical Solutions as the Method Development Manager in this role he developed YBS’s strategy for niche CRO offerings. Abrar implemented use of the Waters Xevo TQ-S instruments and created high sensitivity assays using column switching (Symbiosis) and the Xevo TQ-S. As a Key Account Manager Abrar was also the main point of contact for several international clients.

Sunetha Diaram BBA MSc MRSC

Executive Director

Sunetha joined BioApps in July 2021 bringing with her 28 years of analytical chemistry experience in analytical research, mostly in a bioanalytical environment (over 15 years world class CRO experience) and held Bioanalytical leadership roles for over 12 years. Sunetha has a strong history in partnering with clients to address  bioanalytical science, technology, and regulatory challenges expediently and has been the company representative at the European Bioanalytical Forum (EBF) as a core committee member as well as an expert in (SMOL) small molecule bioanalysis. Sunetha is most well known in the industry for her expertise in Bioanalysis of small molecules, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and biomarkers by LC-MS/MS throughout discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development.

Sunetha began her career with the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa in 1993 before moving to the Agrochemical sector in 2000 with Syngenta in the UK, then CTBR Bioresearch in Canada (now Charles River) before joining Covance in 2005. Whilst at Covance Sunetha broadened her scope to encompass staff management and commercial client interaction, progressing to a prominent leadership position in this business. After establishing a residues analysis service line at GC laboratories (UK) Sunetha then joined Huntingdon Life sciences in 2014 (changed to Envigo, then Covance, now Labcorp). At Envigo, Sunetha led a team that developed many novel LC-MS/MS methods including a highly sensitive test method that can detect thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) in newborn rats.

In her role as Associate Director and site lead for Huntingdon, UK (Covance now Labcorp), Sunetha was responsible for the activities and performance of the Bioanalysis (LC-MS/MS) department, providing leadership and direction to deliver purposeful scientific outcomes and continued regulatory compliance on client projects whilst working on global harmonisation initiatives.

Sunetha graduated with an MSc in Instrumental Analytical Chemistry from APU (Cambridge, UK) and a BBA from Preston University (Wyoming, USA). She also holds a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from Technikon Pretoria (South Africa).

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